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O&O DiskImage Server 2021


O&O DiskImage Server 2021

The program incorporates three sensible methods for creating drive images such as Used sector, Forensic, and Direct Forensic to create images of entire partitions and clone disks. It helps you to create images and restore entire servers quickly for companies to protect their data and system configurations.You are also allowed to compress the image to save space and can also protect their data by attaching a password to the newly created image.The program can backup the entire system or just certain files and folders even if those files are in use. It also gives you the ability to skip bad sectors and to identify unmodified data when performing incremental imaging operations.The program supports scheduled backups allowing the users to perform backups at certain periods of time, which ensures increased safety for their data.All in all, O&O DiskImage Server 2021 is an impressive application enabling the users to backup all of the desired files and to keep them safe from any computer failure or disaster.


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