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ADCS - Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control


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pdf | 38.89 MB | English | ASIN:‎ 0323999158 | Author: Michael Paluszek | Year: 2023

ADCS - Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control provides a complete introduction to spacecraft control. The book covers all elements of attitude control system design, including kinematics, dynamics, orbits, disturbances, actuators, sensors, and mission operations. Essential hardware details are provided for star cameras, reaction wheels, sun sensors, and other key components. The book explores how to design a control system for a spacecraft, control theory, and actuator and sensor details. Examples are drawn from the author's 40 years of industrial experience with spacecraft such as GGS, GPS IIR, Mars Observer, and commercial communications satellites, and includes historical background and real-life examples.
[*] Features critical details on hardware and the space environment
[*] Combines theory and ready-to-implement practical algorithms
[*] Includes MATLAB code for all examples
[*] Provides plots and figures generated with the included code



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