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Advanced Installer Architect 2021


Advanced Installer Architect 2021


Advanced Installer Architect 2021 is a full-featured application which bundles all the necessary tools for creating installation packages.It enables you to create professional projects by customizing them according to your preferences.The program uses a built-in search engine allowing the users to search throughout their projects quickly. You can also add information about product details i.e name, version, company name and product support info like URLs, contact, comments as well as enable software identification. You can set the application to upgrade older product versions automatically.You are also allowed to perform the file management operations like move, remove or copy. With this amazing tool, users can easily create new projects from scratch and develop packages for Java, Add-ins, .Net applications, Visual Studio etc. All created projects will be saved in XML format and then you will be able to use them for your own purposes.All in all, Advanced Installer Architect 2021 is a very handy application which will let you create your own Windows installer with some custom options and appearance.


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