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Autodesk FeatureCAM 2023.0.2 with Offline Help (x64)


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Free Download Autodesk FeatureCAM 2023.0.2 with Offline Help | 2.2 Gb
Languages Supported: English, Deutsch, Čeština, Español, Français, Magyar, Italiano,
日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Pусский, 简体中文, 繁體中文

Autodesk has released FeatureCAM 2023.0.2. This release includes fixes to various user-reported issues from the previous release, providing an overall more stable experience.
Product:Autodesk FeatureCAM
Version:2023.0.2 Ultimate with Offline Help *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.autodesk.com
Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:Windows **
Size:2.2 Gb​

FeatureCAM 2023.0.2 Update

- Fixed an issue in which Relative Retract and Relative Plunge sometimes failed to produce the correct result in an X-parallel roughing operation. FCAM-5661
- Fixed an issue in which the tip-radius compensation for certain turning operations was done in the wrong orientation. FCAM-5615
- Fixed an issue in which FeatureCAM could sometimes become unresponsive when creating or editing a setup. FCAM-5775
- Fixed an issue in which FeatureCAM could close unexpectedly when exporting specific tool cribs containing solid holders. FCAM-5759
- Fixed an issue where a solid STEP holder imported from XML was not in the right format when exported back to XML. FCAM-5397
- Fixed an issue in which Tool Mapping added an extra tool when using the Use Finish Tool option for a Turning feature and a B-axis post-processor. FCAM-5754, FCAM-5285
- Fixed an issue in which a holder defined with a curve displayed incorrectly when used with a large face mill. FCAM-5356
- Fixed an issue in which the tool holder did not display for a drill when using a turning-only post-processor (that is, one that does not support Turn/Mill). FCAM-5727
- Fixed an issue in which back-boring tools with solid holders generated errors and were not associated correctly with the tool blocks. FCAM-5737
- Fixed an issue in which Save Results during a RapidCut simulation did not work. FCAM-5711
- Fixed an issue in which an unexpected machine limits error could occur during 3D simulation. FCAM-5301
- Fixed an issue in which an overtravel warning was incorrectly displayed while slowing down the simulation speed. FCAM-5634
- Fixed an issue in which the machine simulation was rotating C axis in some cases when it should not. FCAM-5730
- Fixed an issue in the API in which the update3() function could not change the type of a hole feature to threadMilledHole. FCAM-5725
Import and Export
- Updated Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF) to version 11.19. See the file versions supported by FeatureCAM using ATF 11.19. FCAM-5777

Autodesk FeatureCAMsoftware automates your workflow from design to NC code, what allows you to reduce your programming time and produce consistent, high quality results for CNC milling, turning, multi-tasking and wire applications. Also creating features and operations with automation removes repetitive tasks, eliminating the scope for human error, what increases programming consistency and enables a level of predictability to produce reliable NC code for maintaining part quality.

Autodesk FeatureCAM

Autodeskhelps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.


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