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Complete Python Bootcamp - Data Structures,Sql,Numpy,Oop,Web


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Free Download Complete Python Bootcamp: Data Structures,Sql,Numpy,Oop,Web
Last updated 5/2021
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 4.32 GB | Duration: 10h 20m
Learn Python hands-on (with practicals)​

Free Download What you'll learn
The students will be able to program in python, solve problems, develop own python programs
The course is divided into mainly two parts: basics and advanced. A person who is beginner or never have done programming can benefit from the course. Those folks who have done some amount of programming can take good benefit of basic topics (Variables, Strings, List, Condition, Loops, Functions, Dictionary, Tuples, File Handling, JSON, Exceptions, Comprehension like List, Dictionary, Tuple ) , advanced topics (Iterator, Generator, Regular Expression, Networking, Web Interaction, Database, SQL, SQLite, Database: Single table, multiple tables, Multi-threading, Multi processing, Custom Modules ), Object Oriented Programming (Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Exceptions, Iterator) and Numpy.All these topics are taught as concept and hands-on practicals. Python has exponentially growing community around data science, machine learning, web development and more. Python is a language that opens programming access to the world. Python is considered easy to read, write and learn. Plus, it's extremely scalable.Those students who wish to pursue further courses like Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning will definitely benefit from this course as python happens to form the basis for such courses.The course contents are:pythonWhy python?Installation of Development EnvironmentVariables, Strings, ListCondition, Loops, FunctionsDictionaryTuplesFile HandlingJSONExceptionsComprehension (List, Dictionary, Tuple)Advanced TopicsIteratorGeneratorRegular ExpressionNetworking, Web InteractionDatabase, SQL, SQLiteDatabase: Single table, multiple tablesMulti-threading, Multi processingCustom ModulesObjected Oriented ProgrammingClasses and ObjectsInheritance, Exceptions, IteratorNumPyNumpy array operationsIndexingSlicingStackingVarious hands-on practicals and exercises are also provided as part of recordings. The python programs (code) are provided as resources to various hands-on / practical videos.
Section 1: Python Programming
Lecture 1 Intro & Course Contents
Lecture 2 Development Environment and Installation
Lecture 3 Variables and Numbers in Python (with Practical)
Lecture 4 Strings in Python (with Practical)
Lecture 5 Lists in Python (with Practical)
Lecture 6 Conditional Execution (with Practical)
Lecture 7 Loops (with Practical)
Lecture 8 Functions (with Practical)
Lecture 9 Dictionaries in Python (with Practical)
Lecture 10 Tuples in Python (with Practical)
Lecture 11 Exceptions and it's Handling
Lecture 12 Exceptions and it's Handling (with Practical)
Lecture 13 Iterators (with Strings, List, Dictionary, Tuple)
Lecture 14 Iterators Practical (with Strings, List, Dictionary, Tuple)
Lecture 15 Comprehension - List, Dictionary (with Practical)
Lecture 16 Comprehension - Sets (with Practical)
Lecture 17 File Support (with Practical) - part 1
Lecture 18 File Support (with Practical) - part 2
Lecture 19 JSON support (with Practical)
Section 2: Advanced Python Programming
Lecture 20 Regular Expression with practical (part 1)
Lecture 21 Regular Expression with practical (part 2)
Lecture 22 Networking, Web Access with practical (part 1)
Lecture 23 Networking, Web Access with practical (part 2)
Lecture 24 Database, SQL, SQLite interaction (part 1)
Lecture 25 Database, SQL, SQLite interaction (part 2)
Lecture 26 Create Database, Table(s) with Practical
Lecture 27 Insert data (records) to Table with Practical
Lecture 28 Read data (records) from Table with Practical
Lecture 29 Update data (records) in Table, Delete data (records) from Table with Practical
Lecture 30 Multiple Tables, Join query with Practical
Lecture 31 Module- Custom Module
Lecture 32 Multi Threading and Multi Processing (part 1)
Lecture 33 Multi Threading and Multi Processing (part 2)
Section 3: OO - Object Oriented Programming
Lecture 34 OO- Classes Objects, Inheritance
Lecture 35 OO- Classes Objects, Inheritance with Practical
Lecture 36 OO- Custom Exceptions
Lecture 37 OO- Custom Iterator , Generator functions
Section 4: NumPy
Lecture 38 NumPy with Practical (part 1)
Lecture 39 NumPy with Practical (part 2)
Non programmers, C/C++ programmers, java, javascript programmers. This course is meant typically for those who want to learn python, like freshers.,This course is meant typically for those who want to learn python, like freshers.


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