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Echoing Hearts - C R Alam


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epub | 1.11 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1521019450 | Author: C. R. Alam | Year: 2022


A billionaire, enemies to lovers romance.
What if love isn't enough?
Dean Rowland is fatigued with life as it is. After being humiliated and left standing alone at the altar three years prior, he lives and breathes work. Dean spends his day expanding his media empire to a new level and fills his nights with willing women. Yet, he's never felt satisfied, and life as he knows it doesn't seem enough anymore. Until a spitfire of a woman trespasses into his life, and his world lights up again.

Rae Allen doesn't need a man. Especially one as rude and arrogant as Dean Rowland. She doesn't care, however hot or rich he is. Growing up with a depressed, heart-broken mother has taught Rae to protect her heart within a concrete wall. But to do her job as a writer, she has to dip her toes into Dean's life and finds herself unwittingly drawn by his enigmatic qualities. Falling in love is the last thing Rae wants to do, but this time, her heart recognizes the sorrow in him, and she can't resist.


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