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Hidden Truths Hillside Kings - Carmen Rosales


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epub | 690.57 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BZFGS2K9 | Author: Carmen Rosales | Year: 2023

The return of her boyfriend almost destroyed her. After five years, the young teenager that went to prison has changed for the worst, a ruthless monster she doesn't recognize and the leader of a Mexican gang from El Paso, Texas. Katalia Vega decides to run from her past and transfer to the exclusive Hillside University in Arizona to ensure her future and to help provide for her mother and little brother. While she finishes her senior year, keeping a low profile is her priority but trying to fit in is a challenge.

The last thing she needs is someone at school to figure out where she is from, or worse, her ex-boyfriend finding her. When she runs into the popular guy on campus, she cannot help how she responds. Each encounter with the campus King ignites a firestorm that cannot be extinguished but must resist.

The unattainable, sinfully hot Leo Santos-Jameson takes note of the sexy new girl everyone is talking about on campus. The mystery girl doesn't date and is unaffected by his good looks and charisma. One thing he is sure of is that he desires her. The more he wants her, the harder it is to hide the fact that he is a cartel King.

Once the Hidden Truths are revealed, will Katalia trust Leo to save her from her past? Will they find love, or will the truth destroy them both?

This is book 4 of the Hillside King Series and is intended for readers 18+. *Please note: this is a dark romance with dark themes. Please read the T/W.

Category:Sports Romance, Sports Romance, Romantic Suspense



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