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How to Pick a Database


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How to Pick a Database
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What is your data storage?​

What you'll learn
How to choose a database for your project
Differences between databases
SQL, NoSQL, Key-value, Graph databases
Ability to see advantages and disadvantages in the databases
Basic IT knowledge
Basic database knowledge
Hello, my name is Andrey Ivanov, and I have been in IT for a really long time. You will need a database to build any project, but sometimes database choice can be pretty difficult. If you want to create great products, you need excellent data storage, and that course will help you pick one. We will go through every aspect of databases, discover their types, and look at common problems. Also, there is a section with example projects that will give you a better view regarding the database choice. Even if you have no idea about databases, or have never worked with them, that course will suit you. So, without further ado, I'm waiting for you.
Course overview
Why to inspect databases?
That section will tell you about the aim of picking and inspecting your database before the development of the project
Types of databases
That section will tell you about the different types of databases
General problems with databases
That section will tell you about the general problems with the databases
Using many databases in a project
You will know what are the problems of using many databases at the same time
Example projects
That section will give you some example projects, and after that we will compare the databases that we might want to use for those projects
Who this course is for
People who don't know how to choose a database
Future Database Administrators
IT people




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