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HTML Crash Course 2022


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HTML Crash Course 2022
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.38 GB | Duration: 5h 30m
Introduction to the basics of learning HTML5. No programming experience required.
What you'll learn​

Students will understand what is HTML.
Students will learn about semantic elements that makes up a web document.
Students will be able to build a simple static site out of the course.
The course will be focused on understanding HTML tags and semantics in this course.
No programming or web development experience.
This crash course will be fit for total beginners in HTML5. We will be working on introducing the students to some of the elements that makes up a basic web document. The course hopes to guide students to learn how to build a very simple static site that they can add to their portfolio as a future web developer.
No prior programming experience is needed to take this course. I will guide you through the basics and demonstrate how you can start to create a basic static site with common features you would see from sites that aims to provide basic information. We will be working together in the development process step-by-step starting with the importance of creating your web document with semantic meaning in mind.
This course will cover the following
1. Understanding what semantic elements means.
2. Build a very basic HTML static site with the following content
· Header section
· About section
· Blog section
· Table section
· Form section
· Footer section
3. Basic CSS (This course is not focus on learning Cascading Style Sheet, however, we will tackle basic CSS so that we can apply a bit of aesthetics in our final project.)
4. You will also be able to practice skills in observation and debugging skills.
Who this course is for
Total beginners in HTML




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