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Lasting Victory A Romantic Com - Beverley Watts


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epub | 262.43 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BKXKBPJK | Author: Beverley Watts | Year: 2022


Another perfect holiday read with lots of romance and laugh out loud comedy, Lasting Victory is the fifth and final entry in the Dartmouth Diaries.

Victory Shackleford has been married to Hollywood heartthrob Noah Westbrook for nearly two years, and despite all media predictions of doom, she has never been so happy. Of course, her best friend Kit's relocation to Scotland did come as a bit of a blow, but being married to an A list actor has its perks, and ease of travel is definitely one of them.

Kit Davies has spent the last eighteen months helping the bad tempered, gorgeous ex-naval captain Jason Buchannan renovate his family pile up in the wilds of Scotland. Considering the chaos they're in, nobody is more surprised than Kit when, out of the blue, Jason suddenly pops the question. Even more surprising is her lack of hesitation in saying yes. The only complication is the housekeeper's niece Nicole, who for some reason is still hanging around like a bad smell.

When her best friend Tory suggests holding an engagement party in Dartmouth, Kit thinks she's in for a relaxing break, away from all the dust and rubble, not to mention the redhaired pain in the arse. Unfortunately she's reckoned without Tory's interfering father.

.On discovering the Scot has unexpectedly proposed to his daughter's best friend, Admiral Shackleford is of the firm opinion that Nicole has finally outstayed her welcome at Bloodstone Tower. What's more, he's determined to dig up enough dirt on the redhaired baggage to send her packing.

But this time, finally, the Admiral might have opened one can of worms too many...

Lasting Victory is the perfect laugh-out-loud, feel good book for fans of funny love stories, especially quirky British Romantic Comedies.

Praise for the Dartmouth Diaries:

'I can't ever remember laughing so much at a book.'
'I'm reading them now. Haven't laughed out loud for so long. Absolute joy.'
'Belly laughs all the way. Recommended to a friend who rang to say she just couldn't stop laughing. Excellent.'
'Brilliant books that really do make you laugh out loud. You just don't want to put them down.'
'I've binge read the first three books. I've laughed to the point of hysterics at the Admiral.'
'I loved this series. I haven't laughed this much in ages.'
'Don't read them in the early hours of the morning if hubby is asleep, they made me howl with laughter. Tried to stifle it, but shook the bedclothes. Absolutely brilliant.'

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