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Marco Pignataro's Dream Alliance - Awakening (2022)


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01.Send One Your Love
02.Resilience of Light
03.Stand by Me
04.Naked Absence
06.Still Winter
07.Alone Again Naturally
08.I Caught a Reflection of Me
10.Ode to the Wounded Clouds
12.Moon Threads Prologue: At Night

Saxophonist Marco Pignataro's second ZOHO CD Awakening documents a virtual live concert from July 2021. Pignataro meditates on romantic love with a multi-generational, inter-racial group of musicians: Grammy nominated pianist-composer Kenny Werner, and soulful vocalists-instrumentalists Nadia Washington and Devon Gates.

Marco Pignataro - sax
Kenny Werner - piano
Nadia Washington - vocals, guitar
Devon Gates - bass, vocals


Download : Linkz.Ge

Download : Zippy
Download : Drop Download

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