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Master Wing Chun Kung Fu And Boxing For Real Self Defense


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Last updated 6/2022
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Learn Real Martial arts For Self Defense Against Ruthless People Using Wing chun And Boxing For Real Fight​

What you'll learn
How To Used The Body As Weapon
How To Fight
how To Do Exercise
How to Used A Sword
Beginner Level
This Course Provide The answer That you need in real Combat. Wing Chun Will help You to discover that everything is useful. Wing Chun Make Your Kung fu technique From Any system, From Hung Ga, Jow Ga, Hung Fut, Karate Work. When I was little I watch power rangers and Wong Fei Hung. And I wanted to learn martial arts or kung fu. My body react and I do them. I do round kick without a teacher or punch. But I did want a teacher badly. This course will teach you about how to used the human body to protected yourself from fist thrown at you. This course teach you to understand the basic of wing chun techniques. What make this course special is that it has been proven and practice my Me Johnny Nguyen. This course will teach you the tools that you should have learn in other kung fu system like I did. I didn't have that. I learn hung fu just the form. But I already have an understanding the basic of boxing through muay thai vhs. I know that everyone don't like reading but, it help me learn more than I can ever learn. I read on kung fu long time ago, when I was kids. I understand the history of chinese culture through watching Jet li once upon a time as wong fei hung saving people. In this course, You will learn what I learn from Jackie chan Movies, He did tiger, crane and snake. He fight with it. And so, I love it.Jackie chan also inspire me to do the drunken boxing because it cool. But in real life school did not teach me that. You need to develop the reflex to let punches through. this course will help you in new ways than before. This course that I build help you to understand sparring control by Diana Lee inosanto That I have interview on my youtube channel. She knew who bruce lee was. Her father is bruce lee student Dan Inosanto. Ron Balicki Knew Jeet Kune do through Dan Inosanto. So, in this course You will learn to work on your weak point.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Turning Your Body Into A Weapon
Lecture 2 Wing Chun Concept And Kung Fu Physics
Lecture 3 Wing Chun Siu Nim Tao And Hung fut Short Form
Lecture 4 Wing Chun Technique For Attack
Lecture 5 3 Animal Freestyle And Drunken Boxing
Lecture 6 Bruce Lee Reading And Self Help
Lecture 7 Samurai sword Swing Inspire By Rurouni Kenshin
Lecture 8 Diana Lee Inosanto Sparring Control
Lecture 9 Sifu Ron Balicki Work On What about Not Good At
Lecture 10 Target Practice And Dodge
Lecture 11 Learn To Boxing Or Shadow Boxing
Lecture 12 My Kung Fu Story And Wong Fei Hung


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