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Revived Noble - Amber Vant


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epub | 1.3 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B0BLJ4N286 | Author: Amber Vant | Year: 2023

Don't think just do.

That's been my motto for the majority of my life, and I see no reason to change it now. Not even after my coach warns me that if I want to achieve my dream of going pro playing basketball then I need to start being more responsible. Keep my head down. No controversies.

So what if I had one bad misstep-okay several, but this one was my final undoing. In hindsight, drunkenly stealing the mascot from our rival school was not my best idea. Especially after a photo of me passed out cuddling said stuffed animal is apparently worthy of front-page news these days.

I'm told I need to grow up.I don't want to.

Only one small problem. My sister is getting married, and things have suddenly grown more complicated when I'm told my ex-girlfriend is her new maid of honor.

The girl I'd spent high school pining over abandoned me without giving me so much as a goodbye the day we all left for college. She's coming back and I want nothing to do with her, but it turns out in the three years since, she's been keeping secrets of her own.

Basketball is my dream, and I don't plan on letting anything or anyone get in my way of achieving my goal of making it big.

I have an entire summer to revive myself, what could possibly go wrong?

Revived Noble is a full-length, new adult romance novel and is book number four in the Hardin Hellhounds Series. It can be read as a standalone but does make brief mentions of situations from previous books.

Category:Sports Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary Romance Fiction



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