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The ART of Podcasting How to Start a Successful Podcast


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Free Download The ART of Podcasting: How to Start a Successful Podcast
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Real Tips & Examples from my 10+ years of Hosting and Producing Podcasts. Find Your Voice & Join the Creator Economy!

Does it seem like every online course about podcasting focuses on thewrong things?
Equipment and Software, Marketing and Distribution - thescienceof podcasting. All good stuff,BUT . . . beware!
A new website, new instagram handle, and a big Amazon cart may make you feel productive, but it won't make your podcast GOOD! After all, you do want people to actually listen to this thing right?!
The truth is the 'science' of podcasting is table stakes, expected, the lowest common denominator. If you have google, you can figure out how totechnicallylaunch a podcast, but that'sthe last thing you should do- recording your voice should literally be your LAST step. Imagine building a music studio BEFORE taking singing lessons! Pretty ridiculous, right?
Ok enough ranting.
The Art of Podcastingis packed with real world tips and examples from my 10+ years of successful podcasting. I've mastered the art of keeping people's attention. The audience's attention, the guest's attention, the host's . . 🙂
We focus on real tangible skills that will make you a better interviewer. Learn what I learned from the experts: I've been following the biggest names in podcasting and learning their unique styles my entire career. I can help you ask questions likeHoward Stern, connect with guests likeOprah, and go deep without anyone noticing likeMarc Maron.
Ok but who am I? Why should you care?
I've been lucky enough to build two successful podcasts in my life.Investing in Cannabisis the leading podcast in the exploding legal industry. I grew my baby to 50k listens & $15k profit EVERY MONTH. In my 20s, I cut my teeth in San Francisco working onThis Week in Startups w/ Jason Calacanis; a legendary podcast and the go-to for the biggest names in tech.
Here's a quick look at just some of what we cover inThe Art of Podcasting:
How to build a conceptauthenticto you and your audienceHow to build rapport with a guestHow to get guests that will grow your showHow to build a narrative people will rememberHow to prepare your notes and YOURSELF for the interviewand much much more.


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