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The Complete Illustrator Masterclass From 0 To Hero


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Published 1/2023
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Language: English | Size: 3.20 GB | Duration: 8h 7m
Become Adobe Illustrator Expert in 30 days even if you never used it before.

What you'll learn
Feel comfortable using Adobe Illustrator to design your own graphics from scratch.
Design your own graphics, without any experience.
You will be able to add Illustrator to your CV
You will have over 25 of your own projects to add to your portfolio.
Draw beginner to advanced shapes and icons.
Master advanced Illustrator tools and techniques.
Make your ideas come to life.
Draw existing famous logos.
Create custom typography.
Put images inside of text for cool effects.
Find the secrets to choosing color combinations for your work.
Pull, push & cut text to make interesting styles.
Build a repeating pattern to be used as wallpaper or fabric designs.
You'll build create assets like colors, patterns & drawings using the Illustrator mobile app.
Learn all of the key skills of Illustrator: shapes, text, masking, effects, and exporting.
Export your projects for print, web, or other design projects.
Create your own logos.
Draw with pens & pencils.
Create type that follows a curving line.
Create many different icons styles.
Any version of Adobe Illustrator, preferably the CC (Creative Cloud) version.
No prior knowledge or experience with Illustrator is required
By the end of this course, You will know the basics of Adobe Illustrator, even if you have never opened Illustrator before.Hello, my name is Talha and I'm an Adobe Illustrator Instructor.It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or someone who struggles with Adobe Illustrator, in this course, we will learn everything from scratch.We will learn all the necessary tools which are required for making fun and beautiful Designs and IllustrationsWe will start off by learning about Basic Shapes & Colors and then how to make simple animals out of them.Gradients and how to apply them and self repeating shapes too.Curvature Tool and Pen Tool which is really important if you are into making digital illustrations.Basics of Typography and also make some really cool Text Effects.How to write text in any shapes and yes! How to put an image inside a text.Copy things in a circle, make patterns and how to vectorize images.Make some really fun designs using the tilde key.Golden Ratio and how to make logos using it?And finally some Introduction to 3D Designs and how to make your designs dance using the Puppet Warp tool. Haha.And after every couple of videos, you will be given a task. So, that you could implement what you have learned.Can't wait to see you in the course! Kindly download the project files from the link below and lets get started!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Selection & Shape Builder
Lecture 2 Getting Started With Illustrator
Lecture 3 How To Use Project Files
Lecture 4 How To Make Basic Shapes In Illustrator
Lecture 5 Selection In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 6 Colors & Swatches In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 7 Basic Drawing Using Shapes In Illustrator
Lecture 8 How To Draw With Shape Builder Tool In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 9 How To Color With Shape Builder Tool In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 10 Draw An Animal With Shape Builder Tool
Section 3: Align & Pen Tool
Lecture 11 Project 1 - Draw An Animal With Shape Builder Tool
Lecture 12 How To Use Layers In Illustrator
Lecture 13 How To Align Things In Illustrator
Lecture 14 How To Make Gradients In Illustrator
Lecture 15 How To Write Text In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 16 Make Basic Logos Using Shapes In Illustrator
Lecture 17 Project 2 - Create A Basic Logo
Lecture 18 How To Draw With Curvature Tool In Illustrator
Lecture 19 How To Use Pen Tool In Illustrator
Lecture 20 Easily Manipulate Shapes In Adobe Illustrator
Section 4: Text & Effects
Lecture 21 How to Write Text in A Shape in Illustrator
Lecture 22 Project 3 - Create A Badge
Lecture 23 How To Make Lines In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 24 How To Steal Colors From An Image In Illustrator
Lecture 25 How To Put An Image Inside A Shape Or Text
Lecture 26 Project 4 - Create A Simple Poster
Lecture 27 Easily Make Curvy Lines Using The Width Tool
Lecture 28 Create Fun Effects WIth Liquify Tools
Lecture 29 Make Self Repeating Shapes In Illustrator
Lecture 30 Make Handrawn Designs With Brushes In Illustrator
Section 5: Patterns
Lecture 31 How To Copy Anyhing In A Circle
Lecture 32 How To Make Patterns In Illustrator
Lecture 33 Project 4 - Create A Pattern
Lecture 34 How To Break Apart Text In Adobe Illustrator
Lecture 35 How To Warp Shapes And Text In Illustrator
Lecture 36 How To Vectorize Images In Illustrator
Lecture 37 How To Create Glitch Effect In Illustrator
Lecture 38 How To Save Assets In Illustrator
Lecture 39 How To Redraw Twitter Logo In Illustrator
Lecture 40 How To Extend Text Boxes In Illustrator
Section 6: Text Effects
Lecture 41 How To Use Styles In Illustrator
Lecture 42 How To Make Layers Effect In Illustrator
Lecture 43 How To Make A Heart In Illustrator
Lecture 44 Easily Find Colors From Adobe Color Themes
Lecture 45 How To Make A Flower In Illustrator
Lecture 46 Project 5 - Make A Flower
Lecture 47 How To Select Similar Objects In Illustrator
Lecture 48 How To Redraw Toyota Logo In Illustrator
Lecture 49 How To Make Long Shadow Effect
Lecture 50 How To Use Free Form Gradients In Illustrator
Section 7: 3D & Blend
Lecture 51 How To Make Doughnut In Illustrator
Lecture 52 Convert Anything Into 3D In Illustrator
Lecture 53 Move Design With Puppet Pen Tool
Lecture 54 Make Fun Designs Using Tilde Key In Illustrator
Lecture 55 How To Make Blends In Illustrator
Lecture 56 Create Tube Text Effect
Lecture 57 How To Recolor Art Work In Illustrator
Lecture 58 Easily Make Curves Smooth In Illustrator
Lecture 59 Create Neon Text Effect In Illustrator
Lecture 60 How To Freely Transform Objects In Illustrator
Section 8: Logos & Badges
Lecture 61 Easily Calculate In Illustrator For Designing
Lecture 62 Draw Logos WIth Golden Ratio In Illustrator
Lecture 63 Compound Path & Its Uses
Lecture 64 Difference Bewteen Raster & Vector
Lecture 65 Difference Between RGB & CMYK
Lecture 66 How To Get Templates For Illustrator
Lecture 67 How To Export Files For Digital Use In Illustrator
Lecture 68 How To Export Files For Print In Illustrator
Section 9: Achors & Paths
Lecture 69 Achors & Paths
Lecture 70 Add & Remove Anchor Points
Lecture 71 Scissors Vs Knife Tool
Lecture 72 Master The Corners
Lecture 73 Pen Tool In Detail
Lecture 74 Curvature Tool Vs Pen Tool
Lecture 75 Clean Up Anchors & Paths
Lecture 76 Project - Trace The Drawing
Section 10: Fills & Strokes
Lecture 77 Fills & Strokes
Lecture 78 Add Multiple Strokes To A Path
Lecture 79 Stroke Options
Lecture 80 Layered Text Effect
Lecture 81 Spirograph
Lecture 82 Project - Create A Spirograph
Lecture 83 Create Multiple Lines Using Offset
Section 11: Shapes
Lecture 84 Shapes
Lecture 85 Shape Builder Options
Lecture 86 Swirl Logo
Lecture 87 Project - Create A Swirl Logo
Lecture 88 Live Shapes
Lecture 89 Path Finder In Detail
Lecture 90 Advance Clipping Mask
Lecture 91 Select Similar Objects
Lecture 92 Flip Heart
Lecture 93 Digital Line Art
Lecture 94 Impossible Circle
Lecture 95 Eclipse
Lecture 96 Swirl Candy
Lecture 97 Create Desings With Tilde Key
Lecture 98 Project - Create A Design With Tilde Key
Lecture 99 Geometric Line Art
Section 12: Typography
Lecture 100 Typography
Lecture 101 Advance Typography Tips & Tricks
Lecture 102 Glyphs & How To Use Them
Lecture 103 Go Crazy With Type Text Tools
Lecture 104 Manage Fonts Using A Font Manager
Lecture 105 Stitch Text Effect
Lecture 106 Create Anaglyphic Effect
Lecture 107 Put Text Into Any Shape
Lecture 108 Editable Text With Background
Lecture 109 Extend Text Boxes
Lecture 110 Variable Fonts
Lecture 111 Paper Turn Effect
Lecture 112 Project - Paper Turn Effect
Section 13: Blend
Lecture 113 Blend
Lecture 114 How To Use Blend In Illustrator
Lecture 115 How To Make Long Shadows
Lecture 116 Zig Zag Line Art
Lecture 117 Tube Text Effect
Lecture 118 Project Tube Text Effect
Lecture 119 Gradient Flower
Lecture 120 Fire Blend
Anyone who want to learn Illustrator from scratch and become a professional in it.


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