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Turkish Language Course A2 Level ( Pre-Intermediate)


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Free Download Turkish Language Course A2 Level ( Pre-Intermediate)
Published 2/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 3.86 GB | Duration: 7h 19m
Master your Turkish with a Native and Experienced teacher​

What you'll learn
You will cover various grammar topics, including Past, Future and Present Simple Tenses, the Imperative mood, and Compound Nouns.
You'll enhance your understanding of spoken Turkish through engaging listening exercises.
You'll expand your Turkish vocabulary to include everyday phrases and expressions.
You will gain confidence when you speak Turkish.
You will learn to construct more complex sentences.
You need to have an understanding of basic Turkish grammar
You need to dedicate some time to learn :)
Confidence of understanding English, since it is the reference language
Have you learned some basic Turkish but find it hard to speak or understand when people talk to you?Don't worry! I've helped over 300 Turkish learners one-on-one, and I've seen them quickly grasp the language and start to thrive independently.Turkish is quite different, requiring a shift in thinking to fully understand its logic. That's why, after teaching grammar, I offer numerous exercises to help you understand and digest each point. Through contextual reading, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned in real situations. Plus, you'll gain cultural insights that make learning even more meaningful and fun.In the course, I explain the key points in English to ensure your understanding, and I also use Turkish to improve your listening skills. Whenever I speak Turkish, English subtitles are provided, so you don't miss a thing!Most importantly, you'll see me throughout the entire course, ensuring you learn the correct pronunciation and feel like we're in class together.After completing this course, you will be able to travel to Turkey, use Turkish to navigate, connect with locals, communicate with your Turkish partner and family members, and so much more!Are you ready to improve your Turkish? Let's start this journey together!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Comparative and Superlative (Karşılaştırma ve Üstünlük)
Lecture 2 Comparative (Karşılaştırma)
Lecture 3 Superlative (Üstünlük)
Lecture 4 Conjunction "with" (ile)
Lecture 5 A reading (Bir okuma "ile")
Section 3: Need and Necessity (lazım, gerek, ihtiyaç)
Lecture 6 Necessity (Lazım, Gerek, Gerekli)
Lecture 7 Need (İhtiyaç)
Section 4: Simple Past Tense (Geçmiş Zaman -dı)
Lecture 8 The Past Tense with Verbs (Fiillerde Geçmiş Zaman)
Lecture 9 Readings using Past Tense (Okumalar)
Lecture 10 The Past Tense with Nouns (İsimlerde Geçmiş Zaman)
Lecture 11 Conjuctions, because-so (Bağlaçlar, çünkü-bunun için)
Section 5: Imperative and Optative (Emir ve İstek Kipi)
Lecture 12 Imperative (Emir Kipi)
Lecture 13 Optative (İstek Kipi)
Lecture 14 Like, as..as (Gibi, kadar)
Section 6: The Future Tense (Gelecek Zaman)
Lecture 15 Future Tense with Verbs (Fiillerde Gelecek Zaman)
Lecture 16 Future Tense Adverbs (Gelecek Zaman Zarfları)
Lecture 17 Future Tense Exercises and Reading Text (Gelecek Zaman Alıştırmaları ve Okuma)
Lecture 18 Future Tense with Nouns, Adjectives, Var/Yok (İsim ve sıfatlarda Gelecek Zaman)
Section 7: Indefinite Noun Compounds (Belirtisiz İsim Tamlaması)
Lecture 19 Indefinite Noun Compounds (Belirtisiz İsim Tamlaması)
Lecture 20 Examples and Exercises (Indefinite Noun Compounds)
Section 8: Definite Noun Compounds (Belirtili İsim Tamlaması)
Lecture 21 Definite Noun Compounds (Belirtili İsim Tamlaması)
Lecture 22 Compounds in Question Words (Soru cümlelerinde Tamlama)
Section 9: Directions (Yönler)
Lecture 23 Directions (Yönler)
Lecture 24 Spatial Postpositions (Konumsal Edatlar)
Lecture 25 Describing Direction (Yön tarif etme)
Section 10: The Suffix -ki (-ki eki)
Lecture 26 -ki as conjunction and with time adverbs
Lecture 27 -ki after Locative Case (-deki-daki)
Section 11: Derivational Suffixes -lı,-sız,-lık
Lecture 28 The Suffix -lı, -sız (-lı ve -sız Ekleri)
Lecture 29 The Suffix -lık (Yapım Eki -lık)
Lecture 30 A Reading Text (Bir Okuma Metni -lık)
Section 12: The Simple Present Tense (Geniş Zaman)
Lecture 31 Simple Present Tense - Usage for routines
Lecture 32 Simple Present Tense - Usage for request, possibility and wish
Who is interested in improving their Turkish to improve their career opportunities,Who wants to complete understanding of the Turkish language,Who wants to communicate with Turkish family members,Who lives in Turkey and needs to pick up the grammar quick in order to communicate with Turkish people


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