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Universal Energy Spiritual Psychic Practitioner Course


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Last updated 5/2022
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Language: English | Size: 3.29 GB | Duration: 2h 35m
Learn the art of protecting and cleaning up from any negativity, and use the energy to turn your life for the better​

What you'll learn
You will learn how to use universal energy in order to protect yourself and others, to clear negative influences and support your well-being
You will learn the truth behind adversities and negativity
You will learn how to protect yourself and clean yourself up from occult attacks
You will learn how to attract luck
You will learn techniques and means of protection from negativities
You will learn how to protect and clean up people, objects, environments, houses, cities
You should not be biased
The need of finding something to protect you from adversity
The curiosity and the will to go outside of the box
This course is extremely important, I consider it as my most important course, the one that everyone should have.Everyone, without any exclusion, even you that are reading these lines of presentation.That is because we are surrounded by invisible forces that are continuously shaping our reality.Are you living your life the way you actually want to?Are you happy?Are you satisfied with your existence?If the answer to these questions is negative, be aware that at least 90% of the cause of it, is due to occult attacks and negativities that are affecting you.Maybe, you always thought you were immune, or maybe, you don't believe in it, but this won't save you.Neither putting your head in the sand like an ostrich will help you driving off the predator, instead it will facilitate their action.We don't see these invisible forces, but we can see their outcome.So, is there a way to protect ourselves?How to know what are these energies, how they act and influence our lives?To these and many other questions you will find the answers during the course.We will cover together the whole topic at three hundred and sixty degrees, by taking all of its aspects into account.We will see together what negativities, curses and attacks are, but also luck and positivity.We will deal with amulets and talismans and many other protections, but most of all you will learn how to protect yourself on your own.This is the most important point, this course will make you completely self-sufficient.You won't need to turn to any so-called magician.I want you to learn to defend yourself on your own, taking charge of the responsibility of your own existence, because it's yours and you are the only one who can take care of it.Throughout this course you will make your life, and the life of who's around you, better.Finally, you are now able to make your life a masterpiece.This digital course certifies you as a Universal Energy Spiritual Psychic Practitioner, as well as any other live course.The course is accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) that will ensure the international recognition of the certification.Are you ready to dive into this new and incredible adventure?Are you ready to lift the veil of the invisible world that surrounds us?Are you ready to discover the secrets that few know about?
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Welcome to my course
Lecture 3 Not knowing does not protect us
Lecture 4 Signs that indicate that we are under attack
Lecture 5 Disclaimer
Lecture 6 Downloadable resources
Section 2: Basic concepts
Lecture 7 Dependent or independent
Lecture 8 Everything is energy
Lecture 9 The observer influences the observed
Lecture 10 The universe is an illusion
Lecture 11 Who are we?
Section 3: Influences
Lecture 12 Influences
Lecture 13 Influences and environment
Lecture 14 The influence of beliefs
Lecture 15 Beliefs and reality
Lecture 16 Involuntary influences
Lecture 17 Voluntary influences
Lecture 18 Voluntary attacks
Lecture 19 Resonance
Lecture 20 Optimism
Lecture 21 Thoughts and influences
Lecture 22 The aura
Section 4: The presence
Lecture 23 The presence
Lecture 24 Guilt
Lecture 25 Anxiety
Section 5: Attacks and curses
Lecture 26 Anger and envy
Lecture 27 The Law of Return
Lecture 28 Influence of the objects
Lecture 29 Amulets and talismans
Lecture 30 Magic and curses
Lecture 31 The color of energy
Lecture 32 Fear and obsessions
Section 6: Luck and blessings
Lecture 33 The blessing
Lecture 34 Water
Lecture 35 Luck
Lecture 36 Giving to receive
Lecture 37 Entities
Lecture 38 Prayers
Section 7: Protections
Lecture 39 Types of protection
Lecture 40 Stones and purification
Lecture 41 The intention
Lecture 42 Recharging
Lecture 43 Nature
Section 8: Personal protection
Lecture 44 Energy cleansing
Lecture 45 Cleansing of the environment
Lecture 46 The sphere of protection
Lecture 47 Variants
Lecture 48 Prayers for protection
Lecture 49 Energy connections
Lecture 50 Sever connections
Lecture 51 Recharge your energies
Section 9: Guided techniques
Lecture 52 Guided techniques
Lecture 53 Protection sphere - Guided techniques
Lecture 54 Energetic cleansing - Guided techniques
Lecture 55 Cleaning and protection of the environment - Guided techniques
Lecture 56 Cutting energy ties - Guided techniques
Section 10: Conclusion
Lecture 57 Last tips - 1st part
Lecture 58 Last tips - 2nd part
Lecture 59 Conclusion
Lecture 60 Bonus lecture
Anyone who wants to know more about the invisible forces around us,Anyone who wants to learn how to use the actual cause of the effects that manifest in the physical world.,Holistic practitioners and massage therapists that use energy in order to shield themselves,Anyone working with many people, as they are easily exposed to others' influences,Anyone feeling the need to protect themselves from negativity, or feeling under psychic attack.,Anyone considering themselves unlucky.,Anyone: even if we don't see them, we are always exposed to negativities and if we don't protect ourselves we pay the consequences


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