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VA - New Italo Disco ot Vitaly 72 (10) 2022


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Total tracks: 40 | Size: 551.91 MB | Formats: mp3

Album: New Italo Disco ot Vitaly 72 (10) 2022
Artist: VA
Genre: Italo Disco
Date: 2022


01. Sentimental Lover [Extended Vocal NRG Mix] (06:20)
02. Goodbye My Love (Short Vocal Magic Mix) (04:04)
03. Say You Want Me [Extended Vocal Re-Tubed Mix] (05:52)
04. In The Sunshine (Extended Vocal Party Mix) (06:15)
05. Angel Eyes (Extended Vocal Ten Years Mix) (07:44)
06. Hi Nrg (Extended Vocal Anniversary Mix) (05:38)
07. Dream of Me (Extended Vocal Anniversary Mix) (06:50)
08. Tears of a Broken Heart (Extended Vocal Ten Years Mix) (06:42)
09. Why (Short Vocal Power Mix) (04:28)
10. Life (Extended Vocal Take Your Remix) (07:03)
11. It's a Magical World (Short Vocal Brando Mix) (04:23)
12. The Girl That Saved My Life (Short Vocal BPM Mix) (04:33)
13. Leave My Mind (Extended Vocal Ten Years Mix) (06:52)
14. Hold Me in the Night (Extended Vocal Cowboy Mix) (07:01)
15. Summer Lovers (Radio Vocal Summer Mix) (04:24)
16. You Took My Heart Away (Extended Vocal Lost Mix) (06:22)
17. It's Long Ago (Extended Vocal Final Mix) (07:21)
18. Forever (Extended Vocal Ballerina Mix) (06:32)
19. Your Eyes (Extended Vocal Disco Mix) (05:54)
20. I Loved You (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) (06:17)
21. Behind Your Smile (Extended Vocal Lost Mix) (06:32)
22. Can You Forgive Me (Radio Vocal Romantic Mix) (04:40)
23. Once in a Lifetime (Extended Vocal Disco Mix) (06:54)
24. Time (Extended Vocal Another Mix) (06:27)
25. Memories (Extended Vocal Change Your Mix) (06:16)
26. Summer Nights (Extended Vocal Classic Mix) (05:14)
27. Don't Break My Heart (Radio Vocal Vanilla Mix) (04:29)
28. Sorrow (Extended Vocal Ten Years Mix) (07:13)
29. It's No Illusion (Short Vocal BPM Mix) (03:54)
30. In Love Again (Extended Vocal Another Mix) (06:38)
31. A World Of Love (Extended Vocal Italian Style Mix) (06:44)
32. Forever Lovers (Extended Vocal Party Mix) (06:35)
33. Tell Me Why (Extended Vocal Anniversary Mix) (06:50)
34. Call Me (Extended Vocal Ten Years Mix) (06:29)
35. Take Your Time (Short Vocal Glow Mix) (03:53)
36. Loving You (Short Vocal Valerie Mix) (04:15)
37. A Night in Love (Extended Vocal Ballerina Mix) (07:35)
38. When Your Love Is a Memory Away (Extended Vocal Romantic Mix) (06:40)
39. Magic Love (Extended Vocal Eighties Mix) (05:39)
40. Dont Fly Away (Extended Vocal Lost Mix) (06:40)



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