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Vocal Foundations For Beginners Mastering Singing Basics


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Free Download Vocal Foundations For Beginners Mastering Singing Basics
Published 2/2024
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Easy Singing Skills: Learn Lip Trills, Control Your Breath, and Start with Solfege for Beginners​

What you'll learn
Breath Support
Activate the Diaphragm
Learn how to do lip trills
Lip Trill on ascending and descending scale
Learn to sing with Syllables
Zero Prerequisites Needed: That's right, no prior singing experience required.
Unleash Your Unique Voice: Get ready to discover the incredible power within your voice. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-expression.
Banish Self-Doubt: Leave behind the doubts and fears. We're creating a supportive space where you can blossom into a confident performer.
Fun-filled Learning: Get ready to have an absolute blast! Learning to sing is not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable.
No Missed Opportunities: Don't let your songs remain unsung. This course is your ticket to making your musical dreams come true.
Irma Joyner's Singing Success Blueprint: Unleash Your Inner VoiceUnlock the magic of your voice and embark on a transformative journey with Irma Joyner, your expert guide to the world of singing. Whether you're an absolute beginner or have some vocal experience, this course is designed to empower you to reach your singing goals, step by step.Course Highlights1. Singing Foundations: Start from the ground up and build a solid foundation in singing. Irma's easy-to-follow lessons will help you develop pitch-perfect melodies and captivating vocal skills.2. Breath Control Mastery: Discover the art of breath control, the secret behind powerful and controlled singing. Learn to harness your diaphragm's strength for impressive vocal stamina.3. Lip Trills Unveiled: Dive deep into the world of lip trills, a vocal exercise that will enhance your flexibility, range, and agility. Unleash your vocal potential like never before.4. Solfege Simplified: Master the solfege system to improve your pitch accuracy and sight-singing abilities. Get comfortable with "do-re-mi" and unlock the doors to harmonious melodies.5. Beginner Ear Training: Strengthen your listening skills with beginner-level ear training exercises. Sharpen your ability to recognize and replicate musical notes and intervals.Additional MaterialsAs a special treat, you'll receive two additional valuable learning resources:More Free Content on My YouTube Channel Voice Launch Masterclass!Singing Journal: Keep track of your progress, jot down song ideas, and reflect on your musical journey. Document your growth as a singer.My Weekly GOAL GETTER WORKSHEET: Stay motivated and organized with this worksheet, helping you set and achieve weekly singing goals.Our course is not just about learning to sing; it's about discovering your unique voice, building confidence, and nurturing your passion for music. With Irma as your mentor, you'll receive personalized guidance, constructive feedback, and a supportive community of fellow singers.This course is designed to accommodate your pace, making it ideal for those with busy schedules. You'll have lifetime access to the materials, enabling you to revisit lessons and continue honing your skills.Join us, and let's embark on this extraordinary vocal journey together. Enroll today and start your adventure towards becoming the singer you've always dreamed of being!
Section 1: Introduction to Singing
Lecture 1 Introduction to the course and it's goals
Lecture 2 Benefits of singing physical and mental wellbeing
Section 2: Understanding the anatomy of the voice
Lecture 3 Understanding the Larynx and vocal tract
Lecture 4 How to produce sound in the human voice
Section 3: Singing Goals
Lecture 5 The importance of clear and achievable singing goals
Section 4: Introduction to breath control
Lecture 6 Why breath control is important for singing.
Lecture 7 Common breathe problems for singers
Section 5: Breath Support
Lecture 8 Introduction
Lecture 9 Box Breathing
Lecture 10 Welcome to the Diaphragm
Lecture 11 PTKF Train
Section 6: Lip Trills and Drills
Lecture 12 How to do a Lip Trill Beginners
Lecture 13 Lip Trills Course Lesson
Lecture 14 Lip Trill Ascending up scale from Middle C
Lecture 15 Lip Trill Ascend & Descend from Middle C
Lecture 16 Lip Trill Up And Down with correct breathing
Section 7: Singing Scales Ascending and Descending
Lecture 17 123454321 Ascend & Descend
Lecture 18 Solfedge DoReMiFaSoFaMiReDo
Lecture 19 Putting DRMFSFMRD together going up 1 key from C to D
Section 8: Solfege And Signs
Lecture 20 Solfege Hand Signs
Lecture 21 Congratulations
This course is tailor-made for anyone who's ever dreamt of singing their heart out, expressing themselves through music, or simply wanting to elevate their vocal abilities to new heights.,Aspiring Singers: If you're an aspiring singer with no previous experience, this course is your perfect starting point. We'll build your skills from scratch, ensuring you have a strong foundation to grow upon.,Beginner Vocalists: Maybe you've sung casually but never received formal training. This course will help you refine your technique and develop your voice like never before.,Self-Expressers: Are you someone who craves a creative outlet for your emotions? Singing is a beautiful way to connect with your feelings, and this course will empower you to do just that.,Confidence Seekers: Whether you've always been a bit shy about your singing or just want to boost your confidence on stage, our supportive environment will help you shine brightly.,Music Enthusiasts: Even if you're not aiming for stardom, but simply love music and want to understand it better, this course will deepen your appreciation for the art of singing.,Passionate Learners: If you have a passion for learning and are excited to embark on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery through singing, this course is your next adventure.,No matter where you're starting from, Irma Joyner's course is designed to meet you there and guide you toward vocal excellence, self-confidence, and the joy of making music. So, if you've ever felt the urge to sing, don't hold back any longer. Join us, and let's make your singing dreams a reality!


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